Community Services

Sherry Grossman presenting to crowdGateways Community Services provides Congregational and Community Schools (C&CS) as well as Preschools and Early Learning Centers (ELC), access to consultation, coaching, professional development, and support services in the greater Boston area. We work in collaboration with these Jewish education programs to enable students with a wide range of learning needs to participate and succeed in school.

The core elements in our programs include:

Community Special Education Grant

With funding from CJP Gateways supports ELCs and C&CSs’ special education programs and personnel that enhance the school’s capacity to include children with a wide range of learning styles. Each grant site has access to training and consultation from Gateways professionals. For a list of the 2014-15 grant recipients, please click here.

Special Education Consortium

Special Education Consortium members benefit from participation in a Community of Practice by networking with other ELCs and C&CSs, consultation, and onsite coaching.

Professional Development

Shared learning workshops provide teachers and directors with the necessary tools to support their students. May be followed by onsite consultation and coaching.

Gateways Educators Learning Series (GELS)

Gateways Educators Learning Series (GELS) is a series of workshops addressing the questions that nag professionals with a focus on developing life skills in the early years. These workshops are open to Jewish educators in the greater Boston area and may be customized for on-site parent workshops or professionals training.  For a list of offerings and to contact the administrator, please click here.