Jewish Education Programs

Sunday Program »

The Sunday Program offers a thematic Jewish education curriculum to students ages 5-18 who benefit from highly structured programming, individualized attention and small class sizes. Special education teachers utilize visual supports and differentiated instruction to present a multisensory curriculum, and all students receive one-to-one support from highly trained teen aides. »»»

Bar mitzvah student practices his Torah portion

B'nei Mitzvah Preparation »

The B’nei Mitzvah Program prepares students with special needs for their bar/bat mitzvah with a combination of individual tutoring, classroom activities and a weekly prayer service. Our onsite reading specialist customizes lessons for each child and our experienced special education teacher plans lessons that teach specific B’nei Mitzvah and Synagogue skills. »»»

Mitzvah Mensches »

Mitzvah Mensches is an inclusive social action youth group in which students learn about mitzvot and social action while practicing social skills in a fun, relaxing, yet structured setting. Our uniquely trained special education teachers lead students and teen peer models in weekly activities that promote friendships, responsibility, and Jewish values. »»»

Class Calendar

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