About us

Here at Gateways, Boston's central agency for Jewish special education, we believe every Jewish child deserves a Jewish education.

Gateways offers programs and services to children with special needs and educational challenges in Greater Boston's Jewish day schools, congregational and community supplemental schools and Jewish preschools, as well as Gateways’ own Sunday school, B'nei Mitzvah preparation program and teen youth group.student and volunteer light Hanukkah candles

Gateways also provides professional development and ongoing coaching, consultation, and support to teachers and administrators in educational settings throughout the community, helping them create classrooms and schools which learners with a wide range of learning styles and needs are welcomed and can be successful.

To achieve these goals, we have built a multidisciplinary team of more than 40 extraordinary professionals—special educators, speech-language pathologists, occupational therapists, learning specialists, music therapists, psychologists, early intervention specialists, social workers, behavior consultants, and more—to work with students and with educators in settings throughout the community. And we are preparing the next generation of educators—training more than 100 teen volunteers each year to work with students with special needs in our Sunday school and in their congregational schools.

We currently offer the following programs:

Gateways Jewish Day School Programs, helping students thrive in Jewish day schools by providing on-site special education support services
Gateways Jewish Education Programs, providing a free-standing Sunday school, bar/bat mitzvah training and a teen youth group for students with special needs.
Gateways Community Services, providing consultation, professional development, resources and support to educators and families in congregational and community supplemental schools and Jewish preschools.
State-of-the-art professional development and coaching to educators.