My Gateways Bar Mitzvah Experience

Nate Leibholz

One of the Best Days of My Life!

Nate Leibholz

In the Gateways B’nei Mitzvah Program, I learned how to read Hebrew.

Marion Green and my tutor helped me learn to read from the Torah. Marion made sure I learned just the right amount each week and that I practiced a lot.  Marion and Mia helped me write a speech where I talked about becoming an adult and what that means.  

My teachers and friends from the B’nei Mitzvah program came to my bar mitzvah.  I still see lots of my friends at Mitzvah Mensches, my Gateways youth group.  

 After my Bar Mitzvah service, we had big celebration. My favorite part was when I was lifted up in the chair while the music was playing and all of my friends and family were around me smiling and cheering!  

I feel proud to be Jewish because Judaism teaches us to be kind and help each other. Thank you, Gateways for one of the best days of my life!

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