Shabbat Shira and the Power of Song

Tamar Davis, Chief Executive Officer

Tonight and tomorrow are Shabbat Shira, the Sabbath of Song, named for the special song found in the Torah portion that we read this week. This song, which the Children of Israel sing to God after being saved from their Egyptian enslavers, is a joyful expression of sheer redemption. I’m always fascinated by how a song, music formed by a pattern of notes that creates a melody, can evoke such strong emotions in us.

I remember reading the story of a child who had trouble walking, but when listening to music, was able to walk perfectly. Music, or more specifically, melody, is processed by an entirely different part of our brains than speech. There is much fascinating research about music and the brain, including how music therapy can be beneficial for individuals with neurological conditions.

Music brings people together in a way that words alone never could. We were so fortunate that even though we couldn’t be physically together this past November for our annual Sweet Sounds event, we were able to host Israel’s Shalva Band virtually. These eight band members, each with a disability, united us even when we were apart.

So in the spirit of Shabbat Shira, I am sharing this clip from The Shalva Band, and hope you will join me in song.

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