Student Enrollment

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Enroll in Gateways' Jewish Education Programs

To enroll in any of Gateways' Jewish Education Programs—the Sunday Program, B'nei Mitzvah Program or Mitzvah Mensches—we ask that parents/guardians complete the forms below each year. Most forms can be filled out directly on your computer and submitted electronically.hould beg

Financial Information and Enrollment Contract

Please click here to find information on our fees, policies, payment plans, and financial aid.

Please click here to download and print your Enrollment Contract to send in with payment.

Enrollment Forms

Please follow the steps below to complete the forms on your computer.

(Please note that these documents must be opened in Microsoft Word. If you are unable to open Microsoft Word, please download and use the Enrollment Packet.)


  1. Download and print the Signature Forms (Permission Form and Tuition Contract) and please sign and mail them to the Gateways office.
  2. Download the Home Profile, Educational Profile and Emergency & Medical Form.
  3. Open each document in Microsoft Word and click inside the gray boxes to fill in your information.
  4. When completed, save your forms as follows: Click File > Save As and replace the word "form" at the start of the document's filename with the student's last name and first initial. For example, if your child's name is Kim Cohen, the document "form_HomeProfile.doc" should be renamed "CohenK_HomeProfile.doc". You may choose to use your child's full first name instead of just the first initial (i.e., "CohenKim_HomeProfile.doc") if you desire.
  5. Email your completed forms as attachments to
  6. Please remember to mail your signed Permission Form and Tuition Contract via USPS.

If you prefer to complete by hand, please download and print the Enrollment Packet, fill it out and mail it or drop it by the Gateways office.