Response to Intervention

Response to Intervention (RTI) is a systematic, multi-tiered instructional approach that centers on the idea that if instructors can "catch" learning challenges early and help students to overcome those challenges, then they will not continue to fall behind as they encounter increasingly complex content.

Gateways experts can guide schools through the development of the RTI process using an approach that considers the unique characteristics of each school, while enable universally-effective practices to take root.

Components of RTI:

  • Developing curricula with well-defined learning objectives and methods;
  • Screening all students when new content of skills are introduced, to identify students who may be struggling;
  • Employing targeted, research-based interventions of increasing intensity, designed to help students improve in their individual problem areas;
  • Monitoring progress frequently so that teachers can track how well students are learning to expectations; and
  • Making data-based decisions about further instruction, using the information gathered from student monitoring.

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