Remote Learning Resources

Direct instruction can be adapted to remote learning!

Some of these resources are a companion to the June 10, 2020 workshop How to Effectively Support Diverse Learners Remotely

Religious school educators can use these strategies and tools to ensure that your remote learning program remains accessible and meaningful to your students with diverse learning needs.

For the recording and a full list of resources, click here.

On September 10, 2020, Gateways conducted a webinar for parents on how they can best support their child(ren)’s learning at home, without simply becoming a teacher’s assistant.

Gateways Resources for Students and Parents:

How Are You Feeling? 
This visual for an emotional check in is a way to help your family communicate more easily about their feelings and mental health. During an uncertain time when people are experiencing strong feelings, it is more important than ever to help children to identify what they are feeling, express those feelings appropriately, and seek out emotional support from the people who care about them.

Deaf / hard of hearing guidelines 
For students who are deaf and hard of hearing, access to online video instruction poses significant challenges. Remember, a teacher's voice can be 
heard, but may be difficult to understand.

Expected behaviors 
A visual like this allows students to have the rules right in front of them. Think of ways to display it for families that do not have printers at home.

Independent work checklist and Sample workspace checklists 
Visual aids to help students center themselves in their learning space.

Show and Tell Reaction cards 
A way to communicate in the moment silently, without chatting.

How Present Are You Right Now
A self-monitoring scale for students.

Offline Activities Choice Board 
What can students do while not in direct instruction?

Sample Asynchronous Learning Bingo

Hebrew School at Home
A social story written by Gateways Educational Specialist Rebecca Redner about how Gateways students experience remote learning.

Curated Resources

COVID-19 Information by and for People with Disabilities

A social story, created by Green Mountain Self Advocates, for older children and adults, explaining COVID-19 and safety measures to take.