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Waiting in Line at a Purim Carnival

This social story prepares children for waiting in line at a Purim carnival. It was distributed to families in advance of the Gateways Purim carnival, and a copy was also available at each activity at the...
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Gateways Purim Carnival Social Story

This social story was distributed to Gateways students the week before our Purim carnival to prepare them for changes in the routine and to give them information about what to expect for the day. It features...

The Purim Story

Download Gateways' version of the Purim Story, written for young children. "This is Esther and her Uncle Mordechai. Esther and Mordechai are Jewish. They lived in a land called Persia many many years...

The Purim Story (simplified language)

Download Gateways' version of the Purim story, written for young children in simplified language. "Long ago, Esther and Mordechai lived in Persia. Esther and Mordechai were Jewish. King Achashverosh was king...

Color Match Hamantaschen

Match the hamantaschen based on the colors of their fillings. This activity will familiarize students with hamantaschen and the idea that hamantaschen are special Purim cookies filled with various...

Match Purim Mitzvot

This file folder activity involves matching words and pictures that convey the four mitzvot associated with Purim.

Purim Costumes Puzzle

Complete the Purim costume by matching the top half to the bottom half. This activity familiarizes students with the idea that people dress in costume for Purim.

Color Match Esther's Crown

This is a file folder version of the “Pin on Queen Estherʼs Crown” game from our Purim carnival! Help dress Esther up as Queen Esther by matching the color of her crown to the color of her...

Pattern Match Purim Masks

Dressing up on Purim is so much fun! In this activity students will match the pattern of each boyʼs mask to the pattern on his kippah....

How I Celebrate Purim (Complete the Sentence)

In this file folder activity, students complete sentences such as “I eat...” “I shake...” “I give...” with Purim Boardmaker symbols representing hamantaschen, graggers, shalach manot, and more....


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Visual Supports in Jewish Education (2010) Gateways' Sign Language Visual Dictionary: Rosh Hashanah (2010) Gateways' Sign Language Visual Dictionary: Purim (2012)

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ake Jewish education fun and accessible for all students.Passover with GatewaysWatch how students at the Gateways Sunday Program prepare for Passover!Purim Carnival 2010Explore Gateways' fully accessible Purim Carnival.

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l needs seder: Opening the conversation." Jewish News (Arizona). 5 Apr. 2017. Web.March 2017Advocate Staff. "Gateways students, volunteers show their Purim punims." The Jewish Advocate. 24 Mar. 2017. Web.February 2017Alpert, Gary. "Shaping a New Generation of Ambassadors for Inclusion." Ruderman Fam