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Rosh Hashanah Cards with Picture Symbols

Writing Rosh Hashanah cards can be an excellent opportunity for children to correspond with their friends and family. Communication can be a challenge for many students with disabilities, so it is important to...

Apple Print Rosh Hashanah Cards

This fun Rosh Hashanah art project can result in beautiful homemade New Year's cards! This project helps children associate Rosh Hashanah and its traditional snack of apples though a tactilely stimulating...

Pomanders for Yom Kippur

This fun, old-fashioned High Holiday craft is also a wonderful fine motor activity! In the past, people made pomanders, also known as clove apples, to bring to synagogue on Yom Kippur, as the fragrance of the...

A Leap of Faith

By Susan Flynn, Associate Editor, Boston Parents Paper , March 5, 2012
Category: News

High Holiday Resources

ah and Yom Kippur social stories), High Holiday Related Social Skills Support, Make Your Own High Holiday File Folder Activity Kits, and High Holiday Crafts with creative ideas for adapting for different types of learners.  We'd love to hear your feedback! High Holiday Blessings with Visual Sup

Purim Resources

the gift of differences. Click the image to download the complimentary lesson full of related activities, including discussion questions, baking and crafts.     Click the image to view a webinar that provides insight into the lesson, including tips and more activity ideas.