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Bat Mitzvah Service Vocabulary Sheet

This Bat Mitzvah vocabulary sheet features short and clear explanations of some Bat Mitzvah basics: mitzvah, kippah/yamulka, tallit, bimah, ark, and many more. This particular vocabulary sheet was created for...

Bat Mitzvah Service Program Guide

Producing a clear and simple service guide like this one, and including it in the program at a child's bar or bat mitzvah, can make the service inclusive of everyone in attendance. Whether intended for the...

Sweet Sounds 2011 Video Gallery

andler, Rashi School Parent and Student  Ellen Dietrick, Temple Beth Shalom in Needham, Early Childhood Education Director  Elisa and Frank Murphy, Gateways Sunday Program Parents  Rebecca and Daniel Krane, Teen Volunteers (whose triplet is a Gateways Sunday Program student)Go back to

Sweet Sounds 2011

tnership with Gateways has changed the way the early childhood educators at Beth Shalom think about and work with all children. Next, Elisa and Frank Murphy will tell you about how the Gateways Sunday program enriches Rachel’s life and at the same time has introduced Frank to Jewish holidays,