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Blowing the Shofar

This story explains what the shofar is and describes the different kinds of shofar blasts. This story is helpful for children who are anxious about going to temple because it lets them know what to expect. It...

Apple Print Rosh Hashanah Cards

This fun Rosh Hashanah art project can result in beautiful homemade New Year's cards! This project helps children associate Rosh Hashanah and its traditional snack of apples though a tactilely stimulating...

Pomanders for Yom Kippur

This fun, old-fashioned High Holiday craft is also a wonderful fine motor activity! In the past, people made pomanders, also known as clove apples, to bring to synagogue on Yom Kippur, as the fragrance of the...

What to Think and Do If the Shofar Sounds Too Loud

Many children with disabilities are sensitive to loud noises. This story reassures children that loud noises are safe. It also gives children useful suggestions about what to do if the noise makes them feel...

Eight Sensory Strategies for a Successful Seder

By Maxine Haron, Occupational Therapist, Gateways: Access to Jewish Education , April 5, 2017

Summer Magic Starts with Unplugging from Our Normal Routines

By Trudy Shulman Fagen, ACMT-BC, LMHC, School Counselor and Arts Director, Solomon Schechter School of Boston , May 23, 2017

Reading as the Gateway(s) to Learning

By David Farbman, Senior Director of Education, Gateways: Access to Jewish Education , March 5, 2019

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Sweet Sounds 2014

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Sweet Sounds 2016

. Marion has made a multitude of important contributions to Gateways since its inception, but the most notable of these is the structured, multi-sensory mnemonics program she designed to enable learners of all abilities to read Hebrew text and prayers. Students who participate in the program ac