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Shabbat Shira and the Power of Song

By Tamar Davis, Chief Executive Officer , January 29, 2021

Thanking Before We Think

By Tamar Davis, Chief Executive Officer , December 4, 2020

Sharing the story of our 89th B'nei Mitzvah

By Tamar Davis, Chief Executive Officer , December 23, 2020
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Team Binny

By H. Glenn Rosenkrantz, for Gateways , August 30, 2011
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How to Make Your Seder More Inclusive

By Rebecca Redner, Educational Specialist, Gateways: Access to Jewish Education , March 25, 2020

Questions We're Asking this Passover

By Tamar Davis, Chief Executive Officer , March 19, 2021

A Leap of Faith

By Susan Flynn, Associate Editor, Boston Parents Paper , March 5, 2012
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Gateways Names Tamar Davis as CEO

By Michelle S. Alkon, President, Gateways Board of Trustees , June 10, 2020

Clean the House

Help your parents sweep and clean and make your home a comfy scene....

Set the Table

Fork, knife, spoon and plate Set them right and don't be late!...

Downloadable Passover Activity Placemat

Print this as a double sided sheet and laminate (or cover in clear packaging tape) for a fun activity sheet that will keep your children engaged during your Seder.
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Color Match Hamantaschen

Match the hamantaschen based on the colors of their fillings. This activity will familiarize students with hamantaschen and the idea that hamantaschen are special Purim cookies filled with various...

Color Match Bat Mitzvah Girls File Folder Activity

A file folder activity just for girls! Match the Bat-Mitzvah girls based on the colors of their clothes, tallitot, and kippot! This activity is important because it exposes students to images of girls wearing...

People Wear Special Clothes to Temple

On most days, a girl might choose to wear pants and sneakers or other casual clothes.  But when she goes to temple- especially on her Bat Mitzvah day- a girl must dress differently than she does every other...

Color Match Days of Hanukkah

A fun activity for children who love to count, this file folder activity prompts children to match each menorah with the corresponding day of Hanukkah! Brightly colored candles and text help guide students to...

People Wear Special Clothes on Yom Kippur

This story describes the nice clothes that people wear to temple. It also describes some of the special clothes that they may see people wearing on Yom Kippur, such as kittels and sneakers. This story will be...

People Wear Special Clothes to Temple

This story describes the nice clothes that people wear to temple. It also explains that people in temple wear kippot and tallitot. This story will be helpful for children who may be anxious about a change in...


with Gateways' Jewish Education Program that ignited Alanna's passion for disability inclusion and led her on the path to a career in elementary and special education.Learn more »Self-Injury: Understanding the Risks & Signs and Promoting ResilienceOn Wednesday, April 14 from 7:30-9:00 pm, Gate


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Video Gallery Photo Gallery Video Gallery Visit our YouTube Channel at GatewaysAJE to see the full Gateways Video Library!   Newest Videos 2016 - 2017: A Year in Review (2017)   Gateways Sunday Program Last Day of School: 2009-2010 (2010)   B'nei Mitzvah Program The Gat

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roup in which adolescents with disabilities learn about mitzvot while practicing social skills in a fun, yet structured setting. Our uniquely trained special education teachers and program coordinator lead students and our fabulous teen peer models from the North of Boston Jew Crew in weekly activit

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o; award from Governor Deval Patrick himself! Our team of dedicated educators and therapists continues to be at the forefront of the field of Jewish special education, buoyed by our talented and dedicated staff, visionary board, wonderful parents and committed volunteers. But none of this would hav

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provide teachers and directors with the necessary tools to support their students. May be followed by onsite consultation and coaching. Gateways Special Education ConsortiumGateways invites any congregational or community school or early learning center within the CJP catchment area to apply to

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ways: Access To Jewish Education Shabbat Resources Browse and download free Shabbat resources for kids, prepared by Gateways' experienced special education teachers.  We would love to hear your feedback!The Gateways Shabbat Family CompanionThe Gateways Shabbat Family CompanionT

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s Annual Report Careers at Gateways History Privacy Policy Join Our Email List! Mission and Vision MissionGateways provides high quality special education services, expertise and support to enable students with  diverse learning needs to succeed in Jewish educational settings and p


ame time, two grassroots organizations formed: Etgar L’Noar (Etgar), which served students with moderate-to-severe disabilities, and the Jewish Special Education Collaborative (JSEC), which focused on helping students with special learning challenges succeed in day school settings. Etgar launc

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ders, Vice President of Strategic Planning and ImplementationJulie Childers is a nonprofit management consultant with experience in higher education, special education, women and girls’ health, and Jewish philanthropy. She is immediate past executive director of Our Bodies Ourselves and former

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ys is always interested in adding dedicated and knowledgable individuals to our committees. Particular areas of interest include finance, governance, special education, technology, human resources, social media, marketing and development.If you are interested in volunteering or joining a committee,

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the NewsGateways Blog var _ctct_m = "142df8fef14b4c0c53f4f05b3febd818"; Jewish Day School Programs Our ApproachGateways provides on-site special education support and services to students with a range of learning needs in seven Boston-area Jewish day schools.  We employ a team of s

Jewish Education Programs

tic Jewish education curriculum to students ages 5-18 who benefit from highly structured programming, individualized attention and small class sizes. Special education teachers utilize visual supports and differentiated instruction to present a multisensory curriculum, and all students receive one-t

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ive class environment. Offered on Sundays 12-1:30pm All classes take place in Newton, MA. Learn more! Watch our video Using Visual Supports in Jewish Special Education: Enrollment InformationParents/guardians who wish to enroll a student in a Gateways Jewish Education Program (Sunday Program, B'nei