Video Gallery

Sweet Sounds 2011 Video Invitations

 Students and staff of the Gateways Day School Programs invite you to join them at Sweet Sounds!


Students, teachers, and parents of the Gateways Sunday Program and the Sweet Sounds co-chairs invite you to join them at Sweet Sounds!


Students from the Gateways Sunday Program invite you to join them at Sweet Sounds!

Mitzvah Mensches

Gateways: Access to Jewish Education's Mitzvah Mensches Program is a fully inclusive educational youth group in which adolescents with disabilities learn about mitzvot while practicing social skills in a fun, yet structured setting. Our uniquely trained special education teachers and program coordinator lead students and our fabulous teen peer models from the North of Boston Jew Crew in weekly activities that promote friendships, responsibility and Jewish values.

Gateways was named one of the nation's 50 most innovative Jewish nonprofits and received a generous grant from the Slingshot Fund in Fall 2010. This video is our mid-year report to the Slingshot Fund. Thank you Slingshot!

A Gateways Bar Mitzvah Story

This video illustrates the Bar Mitzvah story of Ethan, a child with autism. Ethan's Bar Mitzvah is an example of how Gateways enables every child to access a Jewish education and reach milestones such as becoming a Bar/Bat Mitzvah.  Click here to learn more about Ethan's Bar Mitzvah.

Voice from the Gates: Marie Strazzulla

Marie Strazzulla is a 25-year-old who loves her job. Mostly because no two days are ever the same.  Some days find Marie in the Gateways: Access to Jewish Education office, stamping, filing, collating or her favorite task: shredding (“It’s heavy work but it’s fun!”).  Other days she’s at Gateways Sunday program, where she’s responsible for serving dozens of students their mid- morning snack.

iJewish- Gateways' First Music Video

Watch the talented students and volunteers of the Gateways Sunday Program as they sing and dance to iJewish, Gateways' original song about why it's great being Jewish in Boston (created for the video contest to the tune of Nickelodeon's iCarly). This video was awarded second place in the contest!

Gateways Jewish Sign Language Video Dictionary: Rosh Hashanah

Marie Strazzulla is using her fluency in American Sign Language (ASL) in a new creative way. Marie, administrative aide at Gateways, is sharing her ASL expertise in time for the Jewish holidays. Gateways volunteer Rochelle Lipper has worked with Marie to film her signing six key Rosh Hashana phrases. Here you will learn the signs for everything from "happy new year" to "apples dipped in honey." And stay tuned: Marie will be adding more Jewish vocabulary words – and even some basic prayers – to her video dictionary.

The Last Day of School: Gateways Sunday Program 2009-2010

Clips from the last Sunday of the Gateways Sunday Program in the 2009-2010 school year.

Gateways Comes to Rachel

A video created for a student who was sick in the hospital with love from her friends at Gateways.

Volunteer at Gateways

Hear from current and past volunteers about their experience at Gateways.

Using Visual Supports in Jewish Special Education

Gateways Jewish Education Programs use an extensive system of visual supports that enable each child to succeed in the classroom with maximum independence. Watch this video to learn how visual supports help make Jewish education fun and accessible for all students.

Passover with Gateways

Watch how students at the Gateways Sunday Program prepare for Passover!

Purim Carnival 2010

Explore Gateways' fully accessible Purim Carnival.