Elianna Mentzer

photo of a GJEP student and volunteer sitting at a table together wearing masks

The Painful Choice We’re Facing

What a start to 2022 so far. My inbox has not been cheery; rather it’s been filled with dire emails about the current COVID surge, about the snowstorm, and numerous classroom and school closures because of either or both. Read More

photo of Tamar Davis

The Few among the Many (Video)

Happy Chanukah! In this week’s video message, I talk about the Maccabees and some of the unexpected ways that we at Gateways are learning from their example. Read More

student working in a binder with two teen volunteers

The World Stands on 3 Things

These last few weeks have been filled with such energy, with everyone fully in back-to-school mode. It is especially exciting to see our children and teens participating in-person for the first time in 18 months… Read More