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Our 2020-21 Annual Report: Maintaining Connection, Maintaining Community

Last year was one of the most challenging years in our history, where we juggled in-person and virtual offerings and determined our organizational strategic priorities in the face of enormous uncertainty during a global pandemic. So it is with a hard-earned sense of accomplishment that we share the story of our work in 2020-2021 and the theme of this annual report, “Maintaining Connection, Maintaining Community.”

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front page of Gateways' 2020-2021 Annual Report, Maintaining Connection, Maintaining Community

We are so grateful for your support, which made it possible for us to continue our services both in-person and online, providing direct supports for approximately 100 students across our local day schools; educating local and non-local students in our Sunday and B’nei Mitzvah programs; training a team of over 40 teen volunteers; and hosting professional development workshops for over 35 supplementary schools, afterschool programs, and early childhood centers in the Greater Boston area and beyond. 

Even with all of this happening, we took valuable time to reflect on what our future holds as we mapped out a strategic plan for the next three to five years. Through our multi-pronged efforts, we are building our capacity to amplify the voices of children, teens, and families impacted by learning differences, disabilities, and mental health challenges. As we look to the future, we are proud to share the highlights of our newly adopted Strategic Plan in the enclosed pages

Thank you for your partnership and commitment to creating an inclusive Jewish community where all learners belong. I hope you will take pride and pleasure in reading about our work in our 2020-2021 Annual Report.

With gratitude – Shabbat shalom,

Signature of Tamar Davis

Tamar Davis, Chief Executive Officer

P.S. In an effort to make this report as accessible as possible, we have added Alt Text to all photos. Download the report for free to access this feature.