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Tamar Davis and a student, wearing superhero costumes, smiling and holding up Purim decorations at Gateways' Purim Carnival

The World Turned Upside Down

by Tamar Davis, CEO, Gateways

The Book of Esther says that the world is “turned upside down,” or “nahafoch hu,” during the month of Adar, referring to the reversal of fate that takes place in the Purim story. It’s surreal to think that it was two long, blurry years ago when our society was turned seemingly upside down due to COVID. There were glimmers of hope, of life returning to “normal,” throughout, but it is this Purim, where more of us are celebrating in-person, and perhaps even unmasked, that has been truly joyous. This past Sunday felt like a new and jubilant kind of upside down as our Jewish Education Program students celebrated Purim together for the first time in two years, decorating graggers (noisemakers), playing games, and showing off costumes at the photo booth.

This world still feels turned upside down in other ways, as we continue to pray for the safety of our brothers and sisters in war-torn Ukraine. So it is all the more important that we cherish the moments when we can be together safely.

May this holiday of Purim bring joy to our world and light to our darkness. Chag Purim sameach and Shabbat shalom!

Signature of Tamar Davis

Tamar Davis, Chief Executive Officer