Mitzvah Mensches class posing together with silly faces around the pile of toys from their toy drive.

What Chanukah Looks Like at Gateways

by Tamar Davis, CEO

In the spirit of Chanukah, I wanted to share the holiday joy and light that I experienced in person this past Sunday with our students and teens in the TAGG (ages 5-11) and Mitzvah Menches programs (post-B’nei Mitzvah age). See below for the message and pictures from our Gateways Jewish Education Programs Director Tali Cohen Carrus to get a taste of the delight and sense of accomplishment they got from the various activities they did, including an incredibly successful toy drive.

A young child smiling and holding up an edible dreidel made with marshmallow, a hershey kiss, and pretzel.

And for those of you spending any holiday time with younger children, here is a fun activity that my own child enjoyed from the Sunday program — making (and eating!) an edible dreidel. Click here for instructions!

Wishing you a Chag Urim Sameach — Happy Festival of Lights — and Shabbat shalom,

Signature of Tamar Davis

Tamar Davis
Chief Executive Officer

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Dear Gateways Families,

Happy Hanukkah! The students had a blast this past Sunday celebrating Hanukkah with their friends and teen volunteers. See the photos below highlighting some of the Hanukkah festivities the students enjoyed. We hope everyone enjoyed making edible dreidels at home!

As part of the Mitzvah Mensches program this week, the students learned about Ner Shel Tzedakah (Candle of Righteousness), a tradition in which families devote the sixth night of Hanukkah to learning about poverty and contributing to tzedakah (charity). I invite you to make this a tradition in your homes as well, in whatever way feels appropriate for your family.

Yasher Koach (congratulations) to our Mitzvah Mensches on a successful campaign in support of the organization Birthday Wishes! The teens collected 93 gifts which will surely bring lots of joy to children on their birthdays. Thank you to everyone who contributed to the toy drive.

Chag Urim Sameach!

Mitzvah Mensches teens and teachers posing with the gifts collected in support of the organization Birthday Wishes, providing joyful birthday celebrations to children experiencing homelessness.

TAGG student with their teen volunteers, excited about creating their very own LED circuit light-up menorah!

Mitzvah Mensches teens playing ring toss using a wooden menorah and glow sticks to represent the light of the menorah.

TAGG student and teen volunteers practicing placing the candles in the menorah as they learn about Hanukkah.

Mitzvah Mensches teens playing “flip the latke” during the Hanukkah activity fair!