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The Gateways Center for Professional Learning offers a variety of services to support you on your journey to becoming a more inclusive school. Whether you’re looking to attend a lecture, find an inclusion consultant, or download lessons to use in your classroom, we’re here for you.

Professional Development Services

At Gateways, we’re transforming Jewish education from every angle. We work with educators, school administrators, community leaders, and clergy to build your capacity to support the diverse array of students who want to attend your Jewish education program, whatever that looks like.

Professional Development Resources

Access our expanding library of resources for tools to help you reach all of your students. We’ve got articles, checklists, exclusive lessons and curricula, inclusion guidelines, and much more — browse by topic to find exactly what you need.

student and volunteer practicing Hebrew

The Gateways Hebrew Program

The Gateways Hebrew program is a multi-sensory approach to Hebrew decoding and is designed to make the learning process accessible…
A student learning with her B'nei Mitzvah Academy Program tutor

Accessible B’nei Mitzvah Resources

Browse and download free B’nei Mitzvah preparation materials for students with diverse learning needs created by Gateways’ experienced special education…
photo of a parent and child saying Shabbat blessings, child is eating challah

Shabbat Resources

Browse and download Shabbat resources for children and teens with disabilities and diverse learning needs, prepared by Gateways’ experienced special…
boy smiling in a costume

Purim Resources

Browse and download free Purim resources prepared by Gateways’ experienced special educators.
volunteers and student making matzah

Passover Resources

Browse and download Passover resources and a unique Haggadah for children with disabilities and diverse learning needs, prepared by Gateways’…
photo of a student blowing a plastic shofar

High Holiday Resources

Looking to make your Jewish holiday experience accessible and meaningful for everyone in your family? Browse and download our free…
Two students and two teachers lighting a hanukkiah together

Hanukkah Resources

Browse and download free Hanukkah resources for students with diverse learning needs, prepared by Gateways’ experienced special education teachers.
A day school student smiling

Remote Learning Resources

Direct instruction can be adapted to remote learning for students with learning needs! Find out how you can help…

Mental Health Initiative

At Gateways, we’re working to de-stigmatize youth mental health in the Jewish community through understanding and education. Join our community-wide mental health dialogue by exploring our growing library of resources, attending an educational webinar, or bringing your colleagues together for a workshop.

Blog: Educational Practices

We’re opening up the dialogue about inclusion in Jewish education. Browse articles and blog posts by education experts from Gateways and across our community on topics related to differentiated instruction, mental health support, literacy, and more.