A student learning with her B'nei Mitzvah Academy Program tutor

Accessible B’nei Mitzvah Resources

Create deeply meaningful b’nei mitzvah paths for students with diverse learning needs, using tools, curricula, and resources from Gateways.

Preparing for B’nei Mitzvah

Guiding Questions for Your B’nei Mitzvah Team

This set of open-ended questions will help get the conversation going in an initial team meeting between parents/guardians and clergy, helping everyone to envision what an accessible b-mitzvah preparation process could look like.

Parent Intake Form

Start planning an accessible b-mitzvah for your child in a structured, simple way by answering these key questions.

Prayers and Blessings with Visual Supports

Visual supports can help make prayers simple, accessible, and understandable for children and teens with a variety of disabilities. In these files, each Hebrew phrase is illustrated by a simple picture symbol, allowing users to follow along with each prayer and learn its meaning.

Before Torah Reading

Image symbol of a Torah being given from God

After Torah Reading

Image symbol of giving the Torah


COMING SOON: The Gateways Siddur

Stay tuned for our forthcoming accessible Gateways siddur!

Making Meaning: Preparation for Students

Jewish Identity Worksheet

This activity uses image symbols and multiple choice to provide a framework for students to explore and express their Jewish identity as they prepare for B’nei Mitzvah.

D’var Torah Graphic Organizer

Support a student in writing their d’var Torah using visual supports to organize and express their thoughts.

Sample: Translated Torah Portion with Comprehension Questions

This student’s Torah portion was turned into a booklet illustrated with Picture Communication Symbols. Reading comprehension questions were added to help assess how well the student understood their Torah portion.

Sample: Torah Portion with Hebrew and Image Symbols

This student’s Torah portion was broken down word-by-word, with each word illustrated with Picture Communication Symbols and a visual representation of its trope.

Sample: B-Mitzvah Schedule

When students know what to expect on the day of their b-mitzvah, it can reduce their anxiety and help keep them on track.

Gateways Programs


Work directly with a Gateways consultant to make your synagogue’s b’nei mitzvah program more inclusive and accessible.

Educators smiling at a workshop

Weekday B’nei Mitzvah Tutoring (Remote Options)

For students interested in individualized tutoring, either to supplement their participation in Gateways’ Sunday B’nei Mitzvah Academy or another congregational school program, or as a standalone experience, we now offer weekday tutoring and group tefillah (prayer). With this new, flexible option, we can serve more students and families who would benefit from our specialized model but also want to continue to attend programming at their home synagogues. This is a hybrid program, available for students attending remotely and in-person.

A teen volunteer and student looking at a worksheet together

Hebrew Decoding

Learn more about the unique multi-sensory approach to teaching Hebrew decoding at Gateways.

student and volunteer practicing Hebrew

B’nei Mitzvah Academy

Our B’nei Mitzvah Academy prepares students for b’nei mitzvah with individual tutoring, classroom activities, and a weekly prayer service.

boy sitting with Gateways bar mitzvah tutor

Frequently Asked Questions (Clergy)

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