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B’nei Mitzvah Academy Program

About the Program

With the proper support, every Jewish child can celebrate a bar or bat mitzvah.

The Gateways B’nei Mitzvah Academy is designed to make the b’nei mitzvah milestone possible and meaningful for each student and family, no matter their needs. Our non-denominational program provides students with the one-on-one tutoring, individualized programming, repetition, and practice they need in order to feel confident and successful.

Our two-year program is designed for students ages 11–14, and includes weekly 1:1 tutoring sessions, group classroom activities, and t’fillot (prayer) services. Our experienced teachers customize Hebrew, prayer, and Torah instruction for each child and plan lessons that teach specific b’nei mitzvah and synagogue skills.

We Work with You

Gateways coordinates with families and synagogues to ensure that the b’nei mitzvah process is seamless. For families who want their milestone to be celebrated in a synagogue, Gateways collaborates with both parents and clergy to create a plan for preparation, rehearsal, and the day of. We also help families explore other b’nei mitzvah options such as finding unaffiliated clergy, celebrating at Gateways, and more.

In-person programming takes place at the JCC of Greater Boston in Newton, MA. If you live outside of this area, contact us for remote tutoring options.

Our Three Goals for Our Students:

Build skills
Develop Jewish knowledge
Create community

Weekday Tutoring (Remote Options)

For students interested in individualized tutoring, either to supplement their participation in Gateways’ Sunday B’nei Mitzvah Academy or another congregational school program, or as a standalone experience, we now offer weekday tutoring and group tefillah (prayer). With this new, flexible option, we can serve more students and families who would benefit from our specialized model but also want to continue to attend programming at their home synagogues. This is a hybrid program, available for students attending remotely and in-person.

Stories and Articles

B’nei Mitzvah Resources

Find resources to support you in your accessible b’nei mitzvah journey, whether you’re a parent, a clergy member, a synagogue administrator, or a student. We’re here for you.

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Enrollment and Financial Information

Forms, instructions, and financial information for enrolling both new and returning students in one of Gateways’ Jewish Education Programs.

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Class Calendar

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Frequently Asked Questions

About the Gateways B’nei Mitzvah Program:

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