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Jewish Day School Services

In-School Student Services

At Gateways, we create possibility.

We believe that a Jewish day school education can be a reality for every child, regardless of academic and learning needs. We realize this vision by partnering with day schools across the Boston region to offer direct support services to meet students’ diverse learning needs.

Gateways’ therapists and learning professionals work with students individually and in groups both in and outside the classroom and collaborate with teachers and other educators to enrich classroom instruction and foster a school-wide culture that embraces differences.

Gateways works in direct partnership with your school, as part of your child’s educational team, to provide seamless support.

Discover the array of in-school therapies and behavioral and learning supports Gateways offers for students in Boston-region day schools.

Speech and Language Services

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Occupational Therapy Services

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Learning Specialist Services

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Behavioral Support and Consultation

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Participating Schools

Gateways services are currently available in these Boston-area Jewish day schools.

*indicates a professional development partner school without direct services

  • Bais Yaakov of Boston
  • Boston’s Jewish Community Day School (JCDS)
  • Epstein Hillel School*
  • Gann Academy
  • Maimonides School
  • MetroWest Jewish Day School (MWJDS)
  • New England Hebrew Academy (NEHA)
  • Rashi School
  • Shaloh House
  • Solomon Schechter Day School of Greater Boston (SSDS)
  • Striar Hebrew Academy of Sharon (SHAS)
  • Torah Academy
  • Yeshiva Ohr Yisrael (YOY)
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Enrollment and Financial Information

If you are interested in receiving Gateways services, contact the head of support services at your day school. All billing and financial aid for day school services is managed through the student’s school.

Gateways’ ongoing commitment to fundraise for financial aid makes funds available to schools to offer financial assistance to qualified families. Qualified families are those with demonstrated financial needs who access Gateways services for their children with documented disabilities and learning challenges.

If you have questions about whom to contact at your day school to learn more, email Director of Day School Programs Sharon Goldstein.

Guide: How to Initiate an IEP

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Navigating the IEP Process in Jewish Day Schools

Day School Stories

Day School Professional Development

Help all of your students access the curriculum. Learn about the breadth of supports Gateways offers to educators at Jewish day schools in the Boston area and beyond.

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Mental Health in Jewish Day Schools

Gateways supports Jewish day schools in realizing a holistic vision of inclusion, where all students are embraced by the school community. Check out some of the ways we’re working to weave mental health and wellbeing into the fabric of Jewish day school education.

three educators smiling and chatting at a mental health symposium

The Fred and Gilda Slifka Family Day School Inclusion Initiative

In 2018, The Alfred and Gilda Slifka Foundation pledged a $5 million gift, to be distributed over a ten year period, to create The Fred and Gilda Slifka Family Day School Inclusion Initiative, a comprehensive inclusion initiative housed at MetroWest Jewish Day School and Solomon Schechter Day School of Greater Boston. This initiative enables the Jewish day school system in Greater Boston to accommodate an even broader array of learners than has been previously possible, providing access for students with moderate to significant learning challenges.

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The program’s fully inclusive philosophy strives to establish Jewish day school options where all students, including those with learning disabilities, succeed and flourish within the regular educational framework of school. Gateways is the project manager of the grant and assists the schools with consultation, PR, and recruitment. The Initiative is staffed by a team of experienced teachers, special educators, and allied educational service providers including speech-language pathologists, occupational therapists, and psychologists.

Components of the Initiative:

  • Students (5-7 at each site) who spend much of the school day in general education classrooms with support as needed from program staff.
  • An inclusion facilitator at each site.
  • Professional training for all teachers at the participating schools to incorporate them into the initiative’s overall plan and model.
  • Ancillary services staff (e.g. speech and language, occupational therapy, etc.) will provide services as needed on site.
  • A professional advisory board that consults to the schools each year.
A day school educator helping a student with a worksheet