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Jewish Education Programs Financial Information

Gateways is committed to making every reasonable effort to prevent cost from being an insurmountable obstacle for a family who wishes to participate in our Jewish Education Programs. 

Payment plans are available to all families with children who are enrolled in programs or who receive services through Gateways.  Financial aid is also available based on demonstrated need.  Please note that all financial arrangements must be completed before services can begin.

Program Fees and Policies

The Jewish Education Programs’ fees are set each spring for the following school year.

Payment Plan Information

All installment plans are handled through FACTS Tuition Management. Please return your Jewish Education Program contract with your initial payment, indicating your preferred payment schedule.

Payment Options

  • Pay Gateways in full when returning your enrollment contract (no fee)
  • Pay Gateways for the first semester and defer the second semester payment to January
  • Pay Gateways for the first quarter and pay FACTS on a quarterly basis ($41 FACTS fee, less $20 reimbursement from Gateways deducted from your first FACTS payment)
  • Pay a 20% deposit then pay FACTS on a monthly basis ($41 FACTS fee)

Setting up Your Payment Plan

If you have already enrolled in FACTS through Gateways in the previous year:

Do not enroll again.  Once you have sent in your paperwork and payment, we will re-enroll your account and you will receive a confirmation letter from FACTS detailing the steps to set up an online account to view your new payment plan.

If you have never enrolled in FACTS:

Enroll with this link.

Financial Aid Information

Financial aid is available for qualified families based on demonstrated need.

Gateways is now using FAST, a financial aid processing service that several of the day schools also use. 

Financial aid applications for new students are due with enrollment, and for returning students by a deadline communicated the previous school year. All others are handled on a case-by-case basis and must be discussed with the business office.

If you have already completed a FAST application through another school:

You should have received an email with instructions for applying to multiple schools. If you do not have this email, please contact FAST directly.

If you have never completed a FAST application:

Click here to begin your application.

If you have any questions about payment plans or financial aid, or if, after completing your FAST application, you wish to communicate special circumstances that you believe have not been captured, please email Deirdre Munley.