three educators smiling and chatting at a mental health symposium

Mental Health in Jewish Day Schools

Gateways supports Jewish day schools in realizing a holistic vision of inclusion, where students with disabilities, diverse learning needs, and mental health challenges are all embraced by the school community. Check out some of the ways we’re working to weave mental health and wellbeing into the fabric of Jewish day school education in the Greater Boston area and beyond.

Multi-Tiered Support Systems

a student looks at the spot on a piece of paper that a teacher (out of frame) is pointing to

Professional Development

educators listening to a presentation

Bridge Programs

two educators sitting at a table talking and looking at a packet of papers together

In-School Therapy

a student sits cross-legged on the floor, smiling

Consult with Us on Mental Health

Gateways is available to support your school in implementing any of the above programming. Contact us to learn more and discuss how we can help you.

Jewish Day School Services

Gateways partners with Boston area day schools to provide on-site speech & language therapy, occupational therapy, literacy support, math support, and behavior support to students with a range of learning needs.

therapist with two students