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Purim Resources

Browse and download free Purim resources prepared by Gateways’ experienced special educators.

Book Recommendation: Cakes and Miracles by Barbara Diamond Goldin

The book Cakes and Miracles is a touching story about Hershel, who is blind and learning to celebrate the gift of differences.

Purim Songs and Stories

Chag Purim

image symbol for Purim

A song for Purim, in Picture Communication symbols

The Purim Story

image of characters in the Purim story

Gateways’ version of the Purim Story, written for young children.

Purim Story (simplified)

image of characters in the Purim story

Gateways’ version of the Purim story, written for young children in simplified language

Purim Activities

image showing the Purim crossword puzzle activity

Purim Crossword Puzzle

A Purim crossword puzzle, with an optional word bank with Picture Communication Symbols. This activity familiarizes children with the terms and names associated with Purim.

File Folder Activities

File folder activities are puzzles contained in file folders that are quick and easy to make. They can help children review ideas and familiarize them with Jewish objects. Since file folder activities are inexpensive and relatively easy to make, you can accumulate a large stack of them in no time! The visual nature of file folder activities takes advantage of the visual strengths of children with autism and many other developmental disabilities.

Color Match Hamantaschen

Match the hamantaschen based on the colors of their fillings. This activity will familiarize students with hamantaschen and the idea that hamantaschen are special Purim cookies filled with various treats.

picture of the file folder activity

How I Celebrate Purim (Complete the Sentence)

This activity provides an excellent overview of the things we do to celebrate Purim.

image of Purim mitzvot matching file folder

Match Purim Mitzvot

This file folder activity involves matching words and pictures that convey the four mitzvot associated with Purim.

photo of Purim costume match activity

Purim Costumes

Complete the Purim costume by matching the top half to the bottom half. This activity familiarizes students with the idea that people dress in costume for Purim.

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