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Shabbat Resources

The Gateways Shabbat Family Companion

The Gateways Shabbat Family Companion is an excellent addition to any Shabbat celebration. Rich with Tobii Dynavox Picture Communication Symbols®, explanations, and photos, the book offers a deeper look into Shabbat blessings and rituals. This book is ideal for pre-readers, individuals with disabilities or diverse learning needs, and anyone looking for an introduction to the rituals and prayers of Shabbat. Use the Shabbat Family Companion at your dinner table, synagogue, or school.

Shabbat Blessings with Picture Communication Symbols®

Illustrating each word of a blessing with a symbol helps make it more accessible and understandable for pre-readers and those with disabilities and diverse learning needs. Use these downloadable printouts to follow along with the blessings and learn their meanings.

Blessing Over Candles

picture symbol of a hand lighting a candle


picture symbol of a kiddush cup


image symbol for HaMotzi

Shabbat Social Stories: Going to Temple

People with disabilities and diverse learning needs can feel anxious about things that are unfamiliar. Social stories can set them up for success by explaining different situations and expectations.  

picture symbol of three people going to temple

Going to Temple on Shabbat

This story illustrates what goes on in a temple on Shabbat, and explains how people usually dress and behave when they go to temple. 

image symbol of nice clothes

People Wear Special Clothes to Temple

This story describes the clothes that people wear to temple and explains kippot and tallitot. This story will be helpful for children and teens who may be anxious about a change in their normal dressing routine or those who like to plan what they want to wear in advance.

image symbol of a woman at temple

How People Behave in Temple

Clearly outlining the behavior that is expected in temple is helpful to children with disabilities. In addition to reviewing this story before going to temple, parents may bring it to temple if their children would benefit from reminders of what proper temple behavior looks like.

image symbol of a frustrated person

Things I Can Do During a Long Service

Sitting through Shabbat services can be a challenge for anyone! This story suggests some appropriate activities to keep children from becoming bored during a long service. Fill-in-the-blanks encourage parents and children to talk in advance about how they plan to stay occupied.

Shabbat Activities

Click on the activity to open a downloadable PDF of the resource.

Shabbat Color Match File Folder Activity

image symbol for file folder activities

Make a Friday Night Schedule

picture of Shabbat schedule worksheet

Shabbat is a Day of Rest Worksheet

image symbol for rest

Shabbat Memory Game Picture Cards

image symbol for memory game

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