Educational Practices

Seen from behind, a child stands holding his hands over his ears in angst as alphabet letters swirl and fall in the air around him

Dyslexia in the Religious School Classroom

What exactly is dyslexia? Can students with dyslexia learn to read Hebrew? What should part time religious school teachers know about making their classrooms a successful learning environment for students with reading disabilities? This one-hour… Read More

two young children sitting side by side playing with blocks and laughing together

Training: Social Thinking in Early Childhood Settings

Social Thinking© is a curriculum for all ages that teaches how our words/actions create thoughts and feelings in those around us. This workshop includes concrete teaching tools and strategies to encourage positive interactions. Training will… Read More

photo of three educators reading at a workshop

Preschool Professionals Consultation Hour – March

About the Sessions Gateways is excited to announce our new Preschool Professionals Consultation Hour! The goal is to offer an informal space where we can provide consultation on inclusion and disability related issues. That could include… Read More