Jewish Day School

A group of Boston-based Jewish educators standing together and smiling at the Prizmah Conference of 2023.

Why We Should Celebrate Trees in Winter

by Tamar Davis, CEO Dear friends, As the snow is falling, and I look out at the bare, stark trees, I’m struck by the timing of our Jewish holiday celebrating the birthday of the trees… Read More

A day school student and teacher

You Have to Listen to Learn

by Tamar Davis, CEO We are always beating our proverbial drums about being inclusive and welcoming in our communities, in our synagogues, in our schools, in any shared spaces. Yet, we recognize that fostering an… Read More

A day school educator helping a student with a worksheet

The Slifka Day School Inclusion Initiative

Tamara and Angie never imagined that their son Austin could attend a Jewish day school. Born with neurofibromatosis, a condition that causes tumor growth on nerve tissue, Austin has negotiated developmental delays, motor challenges and attention difficulties throughout his life. Read More

Two members of Gateways' day school staff sitting with a teacher having a meeting

Digging Deeper into Behavior Challenges

Time and again we are approached by educators with the same question: “can you help me with a student’s behavior?” In reality, however, teachers might have opportunities within the classroom to manage the disruptive behavior effectively. All that teacher needs is the know-how to channel a student’s acting-out into more productive displays of energy. Read More

tutor working with student at a table

A Day School Tackles the Challenge of Literacy

By Lenore Layman, Director of Educational Support Services at Charles E. Smith Jewish Day School Can students with dyslexia and other language-based learning disabilities flourish in a rigorous Jewish day school setting? How can students who… Read More