Messages from the CEO

A lit Hanukkah menorah in a dark room surrounded by other blurry lights in the background

Reaching Across Divides in Israel

I recently returned from a three-day personal trip to Israel, where I spent time with my closest childhood friend, Jennifer Airley, whose son Binaymin fell in Gaza less than two weeks ago. Read More

A group of Boston-based Jewish educators standing together and smiling at the Prizmah Conference of 2023.

Why We Should Celebrate Trees in Winter

by Tamar Davis, CEO Dear friends, As the snow is falling, and I look out at the bare, stark trees, I’m struck by the timing of our Jewish holiday celebrating the birthday of the trees… Read More

A day school student and teacher

You Have to Listen to Learn

by Tamar Davis, CEO We are always beating our proverbial drums about being inclusive and welcoming in our communities, in our synagogues, in our schools, in any shared spaces. Yet, we recognize that fostering an… Read More