Two day school students engaged in a session with a Gateways therapist

How to Help Kids Cope with Anxiety

by Kara Baskin, written for A little bit of anxiety is normal. Here’s what to do when it isn’t. Dr. Donna Pincus is the director of research for the Child and Adolescent Fear and Anxiety Treatment… Read More

Sam and his teen volunteers

Our Spectrum

I have twin 14-year-old sons, Sam and Jack. Jack’s development is typical; Sam’s development began to shift when he was 18 months old. Read More

Ashley posing at the Torah for her bat mitzvah

Reflections on a Special Bat Mitzvah

October is National Down Syndrome Awareness Month, and in the spirit of the time, I have been reflecting on my lovely 19-year-old daughter Ashley, and one of the most memorable days in her childhood, her… Read More

three kids standing in front of Torah

We All Lead. We All Follow.

My son, Holden, has been learning at Gateways since we moved to Boston six years ago. In preparation for his bar mitzvah, they sent home a pictorial version of his parsha (Tzav). Read More