Synagogue and Holiday Inclusion

Seen from behind, a child stands holding his hands over his ears in angst as alphabet letters swirl and fall in the air around him

Dyslexia in the Religious School Classroom

What exactly is dyslexia? Can students with dyslexia learn to read Hebrew? What should part time religious school teachers know about making their classrooms a successful learning environment for students with reading disabilities? This one-hour… Read More

student and teacher rolling a torah together

B’nei Mitzvah Program Parent Panel

The Event Do you have questions about how to adapt the b’nei mitzvah process for children with a range of learning and support needs? Are you at a loss for where to begin or unsure… Read More

photo of a person helping a boy wearing a talit

10 Questions a Congregation Can Ask

The Event As lay leaders of your congregation and community, you play a critical role in determining its culture and priorities. Asking questions and learning from each other is an important way that congregations can… Read More